September 12, 2011

Blog Plans for the Winter

I've been receiving a lot of questions on how I plan to keep my blog going this winter.

I'm moving from tips and tricks, to trial and errors.

My goal, this gloomy winter, is to maintain a garden. Eating fresh grown lettuce at Thanksgiving, roasted beets at Christmas and, dare I say,  homemade salsa on my birthday (March).

I also started a Master Gardening course today, and am so excited to share with you what I learn.

I will be experimenting with hydroponics this winter (a method of gardening that uses no soil, instead, a nutrient rich solution, water, and a pump to circulate the solution). I will also transform my current garden into a cold-weather-growing-bed.

hydroponics from

For now, I'm thanking my lucky stars that we are experiencing an Indian summer and thoughts of winter gardening are far away.

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