September 30, 2011

A Bath Bouquet

Have you ever been to a eucalyptus steam room? How about soaking your feet in lavender sea salts? It relaxes you instantly.

Now you can feel like that every time you take a shower. 

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Tie together fresh herbs, lavender, or Eucalyptus and hang it upside down in your shower. They will eventually dry, but should last for months and months. 

The steam from your hot shower releases the essential oils from the plants and can have numerous benefits to you! 

Try these:
Eucalyptus- You can buy this any place that sells flowers, usually it's not more than $3 for a bunch. Eucalyptus helps ease respiratory problems. Great for colds and allergies. I've had this in my shower for 3 months. It's amazing. 

Lavender- Fresh or dried. Lavender has a calming and anti-stress effect. 

Bay Leaves- Calms nerves and settles the digestive system.

Lemon Verbena- These essential oils are uplifting and motivating. Forget that coffee, take a shower with some lemon verbena hanging next to you. 

Rosemary- Studies have proven that rosemary essential oils have a unique effect on the brain. Rosemary is great for clearing your mind, and making you more alert!

Mint- Can relieve upset stomachs and respiratory problems. 

Try a mix of them together. I put together a bunch that has lavender and lemon verbena!

These make great gifts too!

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