February 8, 2012

Fresh Vegetable Delivery-Full Circle Farms

Since I started to grow my own food, I simply cannot stand the taste of vegetables that are not fresh! Don't you agree? How can you even compare the taste between recently picked lettuce and lettuce that has been genetically modified to have a longer shelf life?

I try my best to grow herbs and lettuce throughout the year but as you may know, it's hard!

To compensate, I use a company called Full Circle Farms for fresh fruit and vegetable deliveries and I absolutely love it.

Not only do you receive non-GMO, organic fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to your door step, but you also are supporting sustainable farms.

I have tried several companies in the past and I would recommend Full Circle Farms if you are in Seattle, Spokane, Boise, Anchorage, or Coeur d'alene

You can customize your delivery and I have found the selection to be fantastic!

It's worth the money just to have them deliver! Pin It

February 5, 2012

Growing an Almond Tree

Hopefully, you haven't been holding your breath since my last post.

This winter, I have been attempting to grow various plants indoors and finally have some success to share with you! My attempt to grow an almond tree from seed has worked!
 I could not get a picture without Mason in it, he loves to smell my plants!

How to grow an almond tree from seed:

1. Go to your local grocery store and search for almonds that are raw, not processed in any way and are still in their shell.

2. Place damp peat moss into a plastic bag along with your almond seeds. Make sure to check the moss every so often to be sure it hasn't dried out.

3. Place the into your refriderator for 4-6 weeks.

4. Remove them from the bag and crack open the shells to expose the seeds.
(I have read two different opinions here; one leave the seed in the shell which is what I did. Or completely remove the shell)

5. Plant the seeds 1/2 inch deep. As it grows you may want to add more dirt to help stabilize the base.

Why refrigerate the seeds? Seeds have different needs for what allows them to germinate and sprout. Almonds fall into the category of seeds that need to be stratified. This mimics the natural process for the seed after it has fallen from the tree and lies on the ground covered by leaves over the winter.

Things to know about growing an almond tree:
  • Almond tree's grow very quickly. Make sure you keep up on fertilizing. 
  • If you keep your tree in a pot, you may want to place it outside in the summer months and bring it in during the winter. Just be sure you place the plant in a cooler area of your house during the winter to mimic its natural environment.
  • Almond trees need to be in dirt that drains well. Adding a tiny bit of sand or peat moss to your soil can help with this. 
  • Make sure the tree has quite a bit of light.
I have had a difficult time finding information on keeping an almond tree growing inside...in a pot....in a gloomy city. I guess the odds are against me of keeping this thing going!

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