About Me

I'm desperate, desperate to be a gardener in a city that only receives 58 days of sunshine a year. Follow my journey of love and determination for a hobby that has few followers in Seattle.

My garden space is quite small as I live in the city, but you will see that one of my specialties is container gardening. My husband is incredible at coming up with spaces and places for me to grow. Our property is only 1,800 square feet! I somehow manage to grow everything I desire, even attempting corn one year.

Mason is my gardening partner (and dog), I think he is one of the funniest creatures I have ever met and I'm sure you will too. He is a great digger, can bite a bee in half on the first attempt, and LOVES to smell flowers. My mother frequently compares him to Ferdinand the bull!

I don't claim to be a pro, but I'm hopeful that my knowledge through trial and error will inspire you and give you tips, so that you don't need to be a desperate gardener!

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