April 18, 2011

Grandma's Secret Weapons

As you know from reading Grandma's corner, my Grandma is a serious gardener. 
She is so creative with caring for her garden, and comes up with the most interesting tools, styles, and pest protection ideas. Wait until you see some of the things she has come up with. Right now she is having a "slug off" with my uncle. Stay tuned for results and tips!

Last year I was strolling through Grandma's garden and snapped some photos of some things that really made me scratch my head. 

Any guesses?

This rag is soaked in ammonia and keeps rats, raccoons, and other varmints out of the garden. Grandma says the problem is remembering to re-soak the rag but that it works like a charm! 

Another option? Grandma says moth balls in small containers throughout the garden.

Keep those strawberries for yourself and try some of Grandma's secret weapons!

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  1. I'm pretty certain my grandma knows everything :)

  2. It's crazy how many little tricks they have!

  3. I love it! I am going to try your grandma's suggestions in my vegetable beds! I am an inexperienced gardener that needs this knowledge -- I need to keep those bunnies away! If you're interested, you can visit my blog at http://www.sprigsandroots.blogspot.com/.

  4. Great idea, will have to give it a try. Just popping in from Blotanical where I have just approved your blog.


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