May 9, 2011

Tilth Plant Sale

Seattle Tilth had their Edible Plant Sale this weekend!

Although I have over 30 starts growing in our attic under grow lights and on the windowsills (see below photo), I couldn't resist picking up a few more. You've seen my garden space, where on earth (pun intended) am I going to put all of this?

I will find room, and it will be entertaining to see how. Reminder: our lot size is only 1,800 square feet!   

Here are some pictures from the plant sale:

A few of the over 50 tomato varieties available

Picking up some jalapeƱos 

Check out this cloche! Mine doesn't compare!

Look what they had! I was so excited (see this post on sweet cicely)

Compost tumbler

An example of using hay as a mulch!

Tilth is having another sale in Issaquah on May 14th! Check it out if you are local!
Click here for info

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