May 6, 2011

Grandma's Secret Weapons: The Snake

I was wandering through my Grandma's garden and almost stepped on this:
I jumped back, my heart pounding, as I tried to gather my footing. 
"What is that, a Cobra!?!?!?"

It's funny how our bodies react to things like this. Our intelligence and common sense goes out the door, as our primal instinct kicks in.

"Oh right, we don't have cobras in Seattle. Yep, it's obviously fake and not moving."

What fooled me for a split second, fools birds into staying out of her garden and away from her delicious strawberries.

My Grandma has used bird netting before but many times birds will get caught in the net or underneath, and *gasp* die!  

Grandma says she has not seen a bird in her garden since she added the snake.
She found hers at a garage sale. Try this tip to protect your garden!

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