May 4, 2011

Chive Oil

After my post yesterday, I was craving chives. I have made chive oil before to drizzle on pizza and it's fantastic! 

Here is how to do it:

You will need:
1. Chives
2. Boiling water
3. Bowl of ice water
4. Sea salt
5. A Cuisinart or blender
6. Any oil of your choice (I used olive oil)
7. Paper towels

1. Rinse your chives, pull or cut out any brown pieces.
2. Cut your chives in half, it will make it easier to boil them.

3. Place chives in boiling water for 20-30 seconds. This takes away the "green" flavor.

4. Place the chives in an ice bath to stop them from cooking.

5. Dry off as much water as you can.

6. Place chives in your Cuisinart (you may also use a blender if you chop the chives up more). Add enough oil so the oil comes just above the chives.

7. Add a few pinches of salt.
8. Blend well, I usually do about 5 spurts for 5 seconds.

9. Let the mixture sit for as long as you can. My patience maxed out at 5 minutes. The longer you leave the mixture sitting, the stronger it will taste. You could even leave it over night!

10. Next, you are going to strain the mixture into the container you plan on keeping the oil in. You can use a strainer, cheese cloth, or a coffee filter. I had none of those, so I used an old flour sifter. It actually worked really well as I could spin the handle to squeeze out all of the oil!

Keep your oil in the refrigerator. It will last about 5 days.

Here are some things you could try it on:
  • Pizza
  • Drizzled on soup
  • Pasta
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Bread
  • Asparagus
Any other ideas?
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