June 28, 2011

Tomato Tuesday: What To Do With Those Suckers

If you took my advice and trimmed some of the suckers off your tomato plant, you may have had a hard time composting the healthy branches. It seems like a waste! 
As if I didn't have enough tomato plants growing, over 20 to be exact, I have been saving all my suckers to start new plants (reminder: our entire lot is only 1800 square feet).
Here is how to do it:

  • Cut or pinch off the sucker. (Read this post if you aren't sure what the sucker is)
  • Place in a jar of water (preferably outside so the plant stays hardened off)

  • Wait until roots start to grow-this can take about two weeks

  •           Place in soil or a container.
    Since this new plant is much smaller than your other tomato plants, it will grow into late fall and will need to be protected from temperatures that dip below 50 degrees F. See this post for ideas on keeping your plants warm. 

Now I'm off to find room for my suckers....
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