June 3, 2011

Mint Ice cubes

What is mint good for besides making mojitos?
I mean really.
In true Desperate Gardener fashion, I am sharing a recipe that is not really a recipe. 
Mint ice cubes!

The weather in Seattle is looking wonderful and instead of Mojitos, I'm going to try iced tea with mint ice cubes. These would be great for entertaining, don't you think? 

Pick some fresh mint:
Make sure to always grow mint in containers as it will run rampant on your garden/yard/block/city! 
Fill your ice cube tray half way with water and place in the freezer:

Once frozen, add mint leaves, and cold water to fill the tray. Then back in the freezer!


Who am I kidding?
 I'm going to go make a mojito...with mint ice cubes of course!
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