April 21, 2011

I really did it.

I tore up my entire yard; garden boxes, grass, my asparagus that would have finally produced this year. I decided to start from square one....at the end of April. Oops.

I got so carried away I went from weeding, to digging, to sledge hammering. 
I came away with a lot more garden space, some new tips (stay tuned for tomorrows post!), and a sore back. 

Before: not enough room, grass creeping over the edges, mint taking over the garden, and to be honest the dog pee'd in it a few times. 

 I started to dig, Mason found a cozy spot.

See he really is my gardening partner, what a helper!

 This has got to go! Brick planters? With dying Lavender? Not good for my reputation as a gardener.

My husband came home to a lovely surprise, time to make new raised beds!

 Here is a sneak peak at ONE of the new beds! Enjoy it while you can buddy!

I had some helpers collect worms to put in the new garden box too!

Stay tuned for Lasagna Gardening!

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  1. What cuties! Loving the new addition, and can not wait for your tomatoes!

  2. Love your four-legged gardening assistant! I have two of those as well! Good luck with your revived gardening space!

  3. Starting over is hard to do, but once you reach the "can't stand it anymore!" point it's easy, and the results will be soooo worth it!

    Did I read correctly and that your entire property is only 1800 sq ft? So how much yard space is that? I have friends who live in Seattle and know the yards are small, but I didn't realize they were *that* small!

  4. Making such a dramatic new start is an exciting prospect for any gardener! How do you propose to keep Mason off the new raised beds?

    P.S. With reference to gardening, "Size doesn't matter" - you can still have a nice (and productive) garden in a very small space. You're welcome to visit my blog to see what I mean: www.marksvegplot.blogspot.com

  5. New to your blog, so I see a garden finally smaller than mine. LOL. I have about 900 in the rear and 400 in the front for garden. The property is 5000 total. When you have a small space, you tend to redesign. I did mine over three times from scratch. Boredom mostly, but that happens when you garden tiny.

  6. Way to go taking all that on! Inspirational, as I sit here on my laptop, should be out making the most of this sunny Seattle day =) I am thrilled to have found your blog through Blotanical. I'm a follower and can't wait to hear all about the Lasagna gardening. Cheers!

  7. Alan-no sun and no space makes me the desperate gardener! :). The picture is about all the room I have. The rest of my "Garden" is in containers on our deck. Thanks for stopping by!

    Mark-Any tips for keeping the dog and neighborhood cats out? Thanks for sharing your blog!

    Greenapplesgarden.com-Glad someone can sympathize! Your pictures on your blog are amazing!


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