March 25, 2011

Starting Seeds!

The moment I have been waiting for all winter! I'd like to throw a party, but I'm afraid the only one that would attend would be Mason. Time to start those seeds! My best advice for those of you interested in exploring starting your own seeds is to buy a starter kit. They are cheap and cover many of the basics in seed starting.

Starting seeds indoors can require some time, its a commitment. If you don't think you can devote daily attention to your seeds then I suggest buying some starts in a month or so. However, if you can spend a few minutes a day ensuring water supply is adequate, and checking for any problems, it's worth it! There is a lot to go over here, so I plan to break my posts up by day. I will cover: containers, soil, planting, heat/watering, problems and how to correct them, preparing for the move outside, and transplanting.

The reasons I enjoy starting my own seeds are: it allows me to plant some unique vegetables, it's cheaper, you tend to have hardier plants, and with heirloom vegetables I can save seeds from the vegetable, and replant the next year ensuring some hardy veggies that can adapt to my garden's conditions and climate! Not sure if any of my veggies can adapt to this though:

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